The new planetary page! and lineup progress.

20 May

Hey Planetary fans,

This is the new place that ill be posting photos, updates, videos, board deals, ect.

The lineup is very close to being completed and the protos are being tested right now, i have been tweeking the shapes, concaves and construction materials and am finally satasfied with the four boards. Two new 2011 designs “Atmosphere” and “Flare” are going to be included in the line up, and Two old designs “Orbitor” and “Pluto” have been refined and will also be included.

I will be building none stop for a while, stock piling the Four lineup boards. But ill still be taking orders while i do this.

If you are interested in ordering a custom deck, send an email to saying what you want, shape, dimentions, ect, and ill quote you a price. I will post up the computer templates of the new shapes soon.

Thanks for the support everyone,